BDDB is a research and advisory firm. We help healthcare companies transform into customer-centric organisations. Our practice is based on a simple idea: A great healthcare experience creates value for customers as well as for the company behind it.

Business of Design

You might have to increase your medicine’s market share or launch a new diagnostic device. Whatever the business goal is, your success depends on whether your customers use the product and services. This is where design comes in. Design is the disciplined process to create business value by developing products and services customers want and like to use. Design is serious business.

Design of Business

But having just a design process isn’t enough. Great customer experiences happen if they are properly supported by the organisation. Customer-facing staff must understand their roles, systems need to be aligned making the interactions flawless, and internal workflows between departments should not hold up the development of innovative solutions customers need. To create a great healtcare experience, it is critical to design your business well.


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